Admin – Sophie.

Heyyyy, I’m Sophie. One of the admins of this here blog. I actually have no idea what this site is really, BUT HEY. First time for everything. Imma just gooo with the flowww. There’s a few other admins here that are pretty cool. But anyways! I’m a high schooler in a semi-private school shooting for a doctor job. Well, I had been until about two months ago. I had gotten injured at work and it was really bad. I’d slipped and cut my knee open JUST BELOW the joint. It was about seven inches wide and thick enough that my knee bone was viable and my tendon got cut. Not all the way though, thank god. But when I actually looked at it, I was repulsed. Usually I handle gory scenes and the such very well, but seeing myself that cut open made me dizzy. Maybe I’m not cut out for a doctor’s job. If I can’t handle that, how will I handle doing surgeries? Having someone’s blood and life on my hands? I’m exploring new jobs, but I still want to shoot for doctor. School, work, online life, and two unstable households are a lot to juggle around and I always thought I’d be doomed to failure, but when I look around me, I feel I can make it. People ditching school to do drugs, get drunk, have wild parties. Why I have thought of those things before, I never did it. And I suppose that makes me better than the majority. Maybe I’ll be accepted into that private school. Overcome that squeamishness and be a doctor. Or a lawyer. I loved the thought of being a lawyer or an attorney, too~. While at my father’s house I suffer mental abuse brought on by his alcoholism and at my mom’s its constant put downs and attacks, I find some anchors. My uncle, dad’s brother, had been more of a parent to me than both my real ones combined. I love both my parents, which makes it hurt so much when the bad stuff happens, but my uncle has always and will always be there for me. My friends are people I can confide in more than even my uncle. Mainly my best friend, Makenna. Ever since kindergarten, she’s been my best friend. I won’t get into her worse life right now, though. It’s not my info to share. And ugh, I’ll stop ranting now and get to the good stuff. Soooo YEAH! Kind of a depressing way to introduce myself, but life’s life. BUT, things I’m interested in. I like long walks on the beach and a romantic evening at home looking at buttsss. I like gore, anime, math and science, nerdy stuff, cul video games yo, dogsss, guitarz, BOOKS, internet, tumblr, ROLE PLAYING EHEHE, job and work, moneyyy, fish, rock and hard core musicccc, BUTTS. LIKE, I LIKE BUTTS A LOT. I’LL MAKE SURE THERE’S BUTTS ON HERE ALL THE TIME. And a bunch’o other shittt. Yea, das me.